Book reviewmy autobiographyby sir alex ferguson

I would have loved to read more about his time in the shipyards of Govan and his time at Aberdeen. One button - 15 links for downloading the book "Alex Ferguson: The so-called green and gold anti-Glazer protests of mobilised much of Old Trafford against the predatory owners.

But this does not feel like an important football book. It is as if he is chatting with you, and while he is telling a story of something, suddenly he finds some sort of connection to something else, and the story gets distracted.

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography – review

When one player asks: It is not much of a page turner, more of a historical book that, if you like soccer, feel obliged to read. Share via Email Alex Ferguson: Thanks to the negative media, people who have never read this book think that it's the rants of a bitter old man.

No player, no owner, comes close. It is a very interesting reading, even more if you are a Manchester United fan, used to see him in 26 years of his tenure.

Not that there are a little things that he does cover. Chapters 8 and 9 are dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo and Roy Keane, in chapter 10 he talks about wine and horse racing followed by chapter 11 which is about Ruud van Nistelrooy.

In its construction and style the book sometimes feels rushed, as presumably it had to be, once Ferguson decided in December that he would retire the following summer. It is funny in parts, and really is 3 dimensional with such a variety of information. They do not rate a single mention in this account of the period.

This book focuses more about his career at Manchester United. Millionaires with entourages could no longer be motivated by the kind of intimidation he once employed in the dressing room.

This time exaggerating his criticism of a few individuals, especially Liverpool's Steven Gerrard. He went on to manage Manchester United for 27 years. Ferguson understood that footballers had changed and he needed to change to keep control of them.

May need free signup required to download or reading online book. But this does not feel like an important football book.

If you are not interested in soccer, then you will read 2 pages of this book and stop. This book is not organized as I thought it would be. That a manager of any kind should occupy this slot is surprising, as for the first half-century of English professional football the coach was a peripheral figure.

If Ferguson has been prepared to cede some ground to economic realities, he is uncompromising when it comes to the choice, as he sees it, between pursuing the collective project of footballing excellence and the individual project of manufactured celebrity.

If you actually read this book, you will know that Sir Alex spoke highly of others on perhaps every other page. The so-called green and gold anti-Glazer protests of mobilised much of Old Trafford against the predatory owners. To appreciate this book, you need to have a lot of background knowledge and a definite interest in soccer.

In a chapter about Jose Mourinho, he talks more about his own players than he talks about Mourinho himself It's not as complete as I hoped it would be. SAF had a remarkable eye for a promising player, and his record in the transfer market was simply terrific.

Perhaps it is a sign of age, perhaps it is the influence of his wife Cathy — throughout the quiet conscience of the book — but his fondness for even those who cross him keeps springing up through the barbs.

The chapter headings suggest a highlights package of the rows, controversies and personality clashes of the Premier League era. Keane saw change as a bad thing; Ferguson sees it as crucial.

A revealing moment is when he writes about the mistakes he made in the transfer market and recalls one of his players — the Frenchman Patrice Evra — recently mocking him for once fielding a hapless Gallic journeyman called William Prunier.

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography by Sir Alex Ferguson - PDF free download eBook

To know what actually happened from Sir Alex's view at least that lead to the departures of quality players such as Beckham, Keane, van Nistelrooy etc, why at times he would bench some of his best players w If you're a Manchester United fan, read this book. This book focuses more about his career at Manchester United.

Undoubtedly moving when, for example, it recounts the manager's paternal pride in nurturing homegrown youthful talent, it reads like a succession of sporting back pages when it comes to settling scores with former colleagues and rivals in the game.

There are no swear words here, however much they are the basic vocabulary of so many footballers. Yet, much of the time, he sounds like a Tory backbencher of the old school. He turned to his deputy and said: That a man of 71 even knows who P Diddy is:.

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography – review; David Beckham – review The significance of the most forceful personality in the game he represents the values of a.

Managing My Life: My Autobiography

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography [Alex Ferguson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The celebratory, revealing, inspiring, and entertaining autobiography of the greatest manager in the history of British soccer—fully updated one year later Sir Alex Ferguson's compelling story is always honest and revealingReviews: I probably did a serious mistake by reading this book first instead of the "Old Testament"--there are two autobiographies of Sir Alex: "Managing My Life" and "My Autobiography".

This book is clearly a sequel to complete the first book, and you may find yourself a tad disoriented without reading the first. Oct 22,  · Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography (Hodder & Stoughton, rrp £25) is available from Telegraph Books ( ) for £23 (plus £ p&p) Follow @TelegraphBooks Sir Alex Ferguson4/5.

Alex Ferguson My Autobiography

Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager in the world, winning 13 Barclays premier league champion, 5 FA cup and 2 UEFA Champion’s League.

This book is an autobiography written by himself about his feelings on some of his best players/5. This book is about the beginning of Sir Alex's football career, until the year was an outstanding year for Alex Ferguson - not only did he lead Manchester United, the most glamorous club in the world, to a unique and outstanding treble triumph, but he was awarded the highest honour for his sporting achievements; a Knighthood from the Queen/5(50).

Book reviewmy autobiographyby sir alex ferguson
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